Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Last Chance Vegetable Plants (Zone 7)

Hard to believe it's August 4th already, but if you live in USA hardiness planting zone-7, you can still plant seeds now for harvest before first frost, presumably sometime later in October.
As I explained in this post, plants listed here are based on information primarily for Zone 7 Virginia gardeners, though this reference is probably valid for MOST gardeners located in hardiness zone 7 throughout the United States.

What You Can Still Plant (the sooner the better):
Remember, just because I don't mention it here, it doesn't mean it can't be planted. Do your own research -- you may be surprise what you may still plant.

Extending the growing season

Many keen and avid gardeners can extend the growing season by utilizing plant survival techniques, allowing them to plant later and harvest later.

These include covering vegetation with tarps or other covers to prevent frost damage, watering before sunset to help trap warm air near the soil surface, or use cold frames (mini-greenhouses)

Adjacent Zone's 6 and 8

Because this post focuses specifically on Zone 7 (mid-Atlantic to be more precise), I can't speak for hardiness zones 6 (cooler) or 8 (warmer).

Common sense would say it may be getting late in zone 6 for the plants discussed here, and you may have more time in zone 8, but please do your own research.

Final Word

Do you know any other vegetable (or herb) that can still be planted in Zone 7 ? Share a comment and let me know.

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  1. We are getting ready to plant our fall garden. We live in Southern California, zone 8 or 9, depending on who you ask. We will be putting almost everything on your list. Our first frost isn't usually until late December, which gives us quite a bit of time. Great article. Thanks.