Sunday, August 28, 2011

Funny Harvest: Mouse Doll Potato

I was harvesting my Red Norland potatoes the other day when I came across this hilarious looking potato.

It looks like 4 potatoes that were conjoined during the growth process.

There's a fat torso with a head and big ears attached. There's even a little tail where the stem was attached!

Trust me, there was no glue or tricks involved here - this is truly the way it came out of the ground.

My first thought was that it reminded me of Mr. Bean's teddy bear, but upon further review, it looks more like a mouse doll.
I think my potato (right) looks more like the mouse in the middle, rather than Mr. Bean's Teddy (left)
Seems like every year I pull something funny out of my garden. Last year it was this odd looking tomato.

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